Prince George High School Counseling Department

School Counseling Office

Hours:  Monday - Friday

7:30am to 3:30pm

PH:  (804) 733-2720

FAX:  (804) 733-2724


School Counseling Staff

Mrs. Anna Payne -- A-Gilb, School Counselor

Mr. Philip Jones -- Gilc-McK, School Counselor

Mrs. Tara Seely -- McL-S, School Counselor

Mrs. Edwina Clissa -- T-Z,  Counseling Director

Ms. Monica Curtis -- Registrar

Online Summer School

Summer School Online Options:

If you need a new class --  Educere Full Year Online Summer School.pdf 

If you need to repeat a class --   Educere Repeat Year.pdf 


Please be aware that all online courses require Mr. Nelson's permission.

Any questions, please email your counselor.

Thank you!

GRASP Program

 GRASP Advising Poster.pdf  GRASP Community College Pathways 4-17-2020.pdf 

PGHS GRASP advisor is Mrs. Vera Dixon.  Her number is 804-424-2790.

Our school has an Advisor from GRASP to support students and families through the college financial aid process, including the FAFSA and searching for scholarships.  Our GRASP Advisor is Vera Dixon.  You can reach Vera by calling the school counseling office for appointments; you may also reach our GRASP Advisor directly via  Virtual appointments are available!

GRASP is ready to help the Class of 2021 reach their college and career goals!  While GRASP’s highly trained financial aid advisors have been helping students face-to-face for many years, they are pivoting to assist students with the FAFSA, scholarships, and other financial aid questions virtually.

Our school’s Advisor is Vera Dixon. To learn more, talk to your counseling department about connecting with your school’s dedicated GRASP Advisor.   You can also reach the Advisor directly via

To schedule a virtual evening appointment with an evening advisor (in Spanish or English), contact GRASP’s main office at (804) 923-0059 or

GRASP is committed to helping students and families explore and expand their financial aid options safely.

TRiO Educational Opportunity Center

Mrs. Gertrude Taylor

Phone # - 804-218-2714

Email -

Please see attached flyer on the program.

 EOC High School flyer 2020-2021.docx 

Important Information for 2020 Graduates

High School Transcript – IF YOU REQUESTED A TRANSCRIPT TO BE SENT – you are fine



*Call your college after JUNE 30th to verify they received your high school transcript. Final transcripts will be sent out from PGHS on June 18th.


Dual Enrollment classes -  

Go to the individual college website.  We CANNOT send these for you.  You will not receive credits for the classes unless you send an official transcript


Richard Bland College Transcript Request


John Tyler Community College Transcript Request


Longwood University Transcript Request


AP Exam Scores

If you earned a 3 or higher, you MAY be able to exempt a class.

YOU must send through the College Board website EITHER now or when you get your scores back.




Current Scholarships

 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Delta Omega Chapter 4-8-2020.pdf  

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity University Scholarship 5-4-2020.pdf ** Updated due date 6/8/2020

 American College Foundation Visionary Schoalrship Program 5-1-2020.pdf  

Army Emergency Relief.pdf

 Delta Omea Chapter 4-8-2020.pdf

**Update---Delta Omega Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., annual scholarship has been extended deadline from April 13, 2020, to May 15, 2020

 Fort Lee Theater Company 3-27-2020.pdf  

GRASP Community College Pathways 4-17-2020.pdf

 GFWC James River Juniors Womens Club 4-15-2020.pdf  

GRASP Last Dollar 4-17-2020.pdf 

Hopewell Kiwania Club 2 4-2-2020.pdf  

Hopewell Kiwania Club 3 4-2-2020.pdf  

Hopewell Kiwania Club 4 4-2-2020.pdf

 Hopewell Kiwania Club 4-2-2020.pdf  

Hopewell Optimist Club 3-25-2020.pdf  

 Jessica Ann Moore Scholarship Barbara Moore Scholarship 5-30-2020.pdf 

Jessica Ann Moore Foundation 4 5-1-2020.pdf  --now due May 30th

Jessica Ann Moore Foundation 3 5-1-2020.pdf  --now due May 30th

Horatio Alger National C T.pdf

Jessica Ann Moore Foundation 5-1-2020.pdf  --now due May 30th

NSUAA 5-15-2020.pdf

 JTCC 4-15-2020.pdf  

PG Rotary Club 4-6-2020.pdf

 Optimist International Oratorical Contest 4-13-2020.pdf 

PG Rotary Club 4-6-2020.pdf

 PG Rotary Club 4-6-2020(1).pdf

 PG Ruritan Club 4-3-2020.pdf

 PGCPS Spring Fling Arts Scholarship 4-24-2020.pdf  

Southside Area Democratic Womens and Associates Club 4-3-2020.pdf  

Society of Women Engineers Richmond Section 4-1-2020.pdf

Sugar Spun Scholarship 8-1-2020.pdf  

Student Insights Student View 4-22-2020.pdf

 Tammy Gettings Memorial Schoalrship 5-15-2020.pdf  

The Armenian Education Center 4-24-2020.pdf  

The Links Incorporated 3-31-2020.pdf  

Sports Backers.pdf  

The Network of Enterprising Women 3-27-2020.pdf  

The Fraternal Order of the Eagles 5-1-2020.pdf  

Womens Committee for the Petersburg Symphony Orchestra 4-3-2020.pdf

 Virginia Alpha Delta Kappa Women Educators Virginia Gamma Pi Chaptter 3-27-2020.pdf 

 Rotary 2020 Scholarship Application 4-24-2020.doc 

 2020_Horticulture_Scholarship 4-30-2020.pdf 


 2020 AIARVA Scholarship_Memorandum due 5 15 20.pdf    Their coordinator also sent a link to a video for inspiration:

2020 Judy Treaster Memorial Scholarship 4-20-2020.docx

Ruth Shuey Scholarship 4-12-2020.pdf  

PG Masonic Lodge 115 Scholarship due 4 30 2020.pdf 

Petersburg Alumnae Chapter, DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. (attending Virginia State University) Due 5-15-2020

Petersburg Alumnae Chapter, DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC (for any college) Due 5-15-2020 

Just added:::

 Burrowsville Vol Fire Dept Scholarships Thurman L Pelter due 6 19 20.docx 


Available Scholarships

All available scholarships are communicated to students in three ways:

1.   Morning and afternoon announcements (daily announcements are posted daily on the school website and PG TV) 

2.  See Mrs. Payne, School Counselor, for your helpful scholarship information!

3.  Posted in your English 12 and Government classes, outside of the Counseling Office, and in the Commons.

Type of School Day

Prince George High is on an Alternating Block Day (based on Even/ Odd day Calendar dates).

7:50AM - 8:49AM --First Block is every day

8:54AM - 10:32AM -- Second/Third Block

10:37AM - 12:47PM -- Fourth/Fifth Block

12:52PM - 2:30PM -- Sixth/Seventh Block


College Search

College Navigator --

Online Accredited Directory -- 

College Directory

  • Information about colleges and universities across the country is available in the Counseling Center. The information available below features online resources to help students learn more about higher education opportunities, whether traditional campuses or online degree-granting programs.
  • Managed by the National Center for Education Statistics, College Navigator is an online source to search for colleges by state, by zip code, by programs/majors offered, by institution type, by enrollment size, by tuition and fees, and much more.

    • Refine your search with More Search Options to select additional search criteria.
    • Build a list of schools using My Favorites for side-by-side comparisons.
    • Pinpoint school locations with an interactive map.
    • Export search results into a spreadsheet.
    • Save your session including search options and favorites.

Counseling Vision

All students within Prince George High School will benefit from a school counseling program that is developmental in nature, preventative in design, and comprehensive in scope.  As an integral part of the total education program, credentialed school counselors will ensure access to services so that every student is challenged and supported to reah his or her highest potential.

Counseling Mission

The mission of the Prince George High School Counseling program aligns with the school vision.  School counselors, as professional school advocates, will provide 10th - 12th grade students a comprehensive developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, college/career, and personal/social needs of each student within our diverse population.  The program is delivered through counseling curriculum, individual planning, system support, and responsive services in partnership with educators, parents, and the community.  Credentialed school counselors facilitate the support system to ensure that each student in the district are prepared academically and socially with the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society.  In unison with the students, staff, parents, and community members, the school counselor will facilitate a positive, supportive and culturally sensitive program that will ensure a school community that is a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for all.

Registration Information & Process

 Registration Form fillable.pdf 

Residents new to the area with children in 10th to 12th Grade should register their child at Prince George High School.  The first step is to call the school at 804-733-2725 to schedule an appointment with our Counseling Department.  The following documents are required to register your child:

  1. Birth Certificate (Passports are not acceptable)
  2. Current vaccination record signed by a doctor (including three hepatitis B shots)
  3. Social Security Card
  4. Transcript and withdrawal form from previous school
  5. Custody Papers (if applicable)
  6. Proof of Residence:
  • Families living at Fort Lee will need to bring a letter from housing.
  • Families that own a home in the county will need to bring a title deed, deed of trust, or real estate tax bill.
  • Families in the process of buying a home will need to bring their sales contract.  They are also required to write a letter to the School Board asking permission for their child to enroll at Prince George High School until they close on their home.
  • Families that rent a home will need to bring their rental contract.



Graduation June 13, 2020 9:00AM








NCAA Clearinghouse

If you are a current junior or senior who intends to pursue your sport at the college level, you MUST register with the NCAA Clearinghouse in the spring of your junior year. 
If you are a senior who has not already done so, you must register as soon as possible. 
If you attended another high school, you MUST have an original transcript sent from your former school directly to the Clearinghouse.  Also, the Clearinghouse will only accept your SAT scores directly from the College Board. 
To register with NCAA Clearinghouse, go to   

To have your SAT scores sent directly from the College Board to the Clearinghouse, go to  

To have your ACT scores sent directly from ACT to the Clearinghouse, go to
If you have questions or concerns about this process please contact Mrs. Clissa, Counseling Director,  who assists students with NCAA issues, at, or stop by the Counseling Department.