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Welcome to PGHS

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It is that time of the year!  Fall sports are beginning very soon.  Tryouts for cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, and volleyball all begin on Monday July 31st (times and dates subject to change).  To tryout you must have an updated 2017 VHSL physical form completed and signed, a PGCPS Head Injury-Risk Acknowledgement form signed, HCA form, and the NEW Parent-Student Guide form signed.  All of these forms are available on this site. High school sports are a great opportunity to be engaged with your peers and your school.  Student-athletes have a special and unique experience during there interscholastic years of competition.  Below you will find what we encourage and strive for as an athletic department.  

The mission of the Prince George Athletic Department is to provide and support athletic programs that inspire, educate, and empower student athletes with positive, lifelong, educational experiences that produce contributing and impacting citizens.
As we  work towards this mission, our core values are centered on :

  • Athletic programs are available and offered to all eligible and able student athletes.
  • Athletic programs are a part of the holistic education program offered by the division and special experience within the American education system.
  • Athletic programs teach student athletes invaluable, intangible traits that include self-discipline, personal commitment, loyalty, sportsmanship, teamwork, value of preparation, and work ethic.
  • Athletic program participation enhances student athletes’ academic performance, school attendance, self-image, mental alertness, social competence, and ethical awareness as well as student athletes’ lifelong attention to physical and emotional well-being.
  • Athletic programs foster the spirit of competition and the will to excel, which are valuable to the development of a healthy mind and an impacting citizen.
  • Athletic programs, by naturally equalizing individuals who are judged for who they are and by what they do, avoid socioeconomic biases.

Fall Tryout Details

Below are the list of start times and locations for Fall sport tryouts, all begin on July 31st unless other wise noted. 

  • Boys Volleyball- 6:00-9:00,  PGHS Gym
  • Football (all levels)-5:00, meet at Field House (report by 4:45)
  • Field Hockey-8:00 am-11:00 am, Field Hockey field.
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Golf
  • Cheerleading

Important Forms

Below are links to the required forms necessary for participation with PGHS Athletics.  The ** indicate that a form must be completed and signed, and must be on file prior to the start of the activity the student is seeking participation in.  

17VHSL PX Form.pdf **

 Full Student Parent Handbook.pdf  

Student Parent Highlights.pdf **

Concussion Policy PGCS.pdf  **

HCA Form.pdf** 

Ticket Prices for 2016-17

Regular Season Prices

  • Varsity Football General Admission- $7.00

  • Non-football Varsity and all sub-varsity sports- $5.00

  • Child (not of school age)- Free

  • First Responders (Fire, EMS, Police)-Free, please show ID
  • 10 Punch Pass- $40.00*

  • Season (individual)- Click to See Season Pass Plan.pdf 

Region Tournaments: General Admission $8.00

State Tournaments:   General Admission $10.00

How to find Athletic Schedule and setup Notifications

Go to www.centraldistrictva.org for full schedule of athletic events and related activities.  Note, events are subject to change. 

For Subscribing to rSchools for High School Activities and Sports Information/Cancellations

  1. Visit www.centraldistrictva.org.
  2. Click your Prince George in the right side frame.
  3. Click on Notify Me in the top right
  4. Choose the sports you are interested in receiving information/cancellations, click continue.
  5. Choose the activities you are interested in receiving information/cancellations, click continue.
  6. Select when you would like to receive automatic email notifications for these activities, click continue.
  7. Complete the contact information and save settings.